Revealed: The Big 3 Cryptocurrencies That Will Make You Rich

Want to be a millionaire? Being rich and ditching the middle and lower class is a desire for every human with a breath. Everyone loves being free from poverty and affording a luxury life. Nevertheless, it is not an easy journey. In the real sense, it is hard. All in all, it is not impossible. Investing and being a wise investor are some of the critical components of the journey to financial freedom.

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For geeks, in the 21st-century cryptocurrency investment can be the fortune you have been waiting. Probably, you have an idea what cryptocurrency means. However, it is not a crime to do a recap on the same as it might help your peer without an idea. The term implies a form of decentralized digital currency. In a more straightforward language, cryptocurrencies are currency units generated through the use of cryptographic techniques with value and can be used to transfer and verify funds.

By decentralization, it means that there are no intermediaries involved in the transaction. Also, it is important to point out that the virtual currency generation uses a technology known as blockchain. With this information, this article presents to you the big three cryptocurrencies that will earn you some good money. Here they are:

Bitcoin Price

If cryptocurrency field were a jungle, the Bitcoins would be the lion. Bitcoins were the first form of virtual currencies to come to service. The fantastic thing about this currency is that its founder is unknown. While people argue that Satoshi Nakamoto was the person behind them, little is known about the person. No one knows his real identity or whereabouts. Despite this, Bitcoins price have been gaining value over the years.
In particular, 2017 was a year when Bitcoin value rose in an unexplainable way beyond what experts could predict. Even though there was a surge in the first months of 2018, the digital currency is expected to continue gaining value as acceptance to the new form of trading continues becoming a norm. So, if you are not a pessimist, you can try your hand at Bitcoins.


Unlike Bitcoins, Ethereum is a decentralized platform that allows developers to run applications or make smart contracts. This cryptocurrency is gaining acceptance from governmental and private sectors due to its ability to enhance data security and transparency. Notably, applications that run on the Ethereum network do not experience any downtime. This ensures continued functioning without stopping.
Also, it is hard to change the coding of the applications. As such, it becomes harder for fraudsters or hackers to attack them. In this essence, the Ethereum platform is a good way of reducing corruptions and frauds in organizations. Due to these reasons, its value is rising on each dawn. In fact, it is one of the most promising cryptocurrencies that will lead to a technological revolution. Hence, investing on Ethereum at the moment is a significant stride to departing the middle and poverty class.


Litecoins and Bitcoins are brothers or sisters. The two follow the same mining process. For better understanding, Litecoin blockchain is a product of advancement or a tweak of the Bitcoin one. Currently, Litecoin makes up about 45% of the cryptocurrency market cap. Predictors say that it might exceed the Bitcoins one day due to the high level of acceptance it is gaining in the market.
One reason for this is due to association with renown and a dedicated professional – Charlie Lee. To avoid being left out, it is advisable to buy the coins today and sell them in future. You never know what the price of Litecoin will be the 2018 Bitcoins.

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